Why Marijuana Users Hate The Name Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

There is some understandable anger amongst the marijuana-using community about the term “synthetic marijuana.” It is true that the original components producing the high of these illegal substances were sourced from marijuana.

 However, the result and the many brands that have form since having little relation to the real thing. It is possible to smoke those synthetic forms like you would be joint. It is also true that they do come in plant-based materials. For many cannabis supporters, this is where the similarities end.

The Most Important Issue Here Is The Use That Word Synthetic. People Only Hate The Name.

Marijuana is natural, cultured and used as it was intended. There is a reason why some refer to it like the weed. These synthetic drugs are human-made substances where chemical components are combined to the mixture.

 Many would argue much better for users and officials to refer to these materials under their brand names to avoid this damaging association with the pot-smoking world. The problem here is that there are many different names for various products and the list keeps on growing. Spice, K2, and Black Mamba are common, but they are far from being the only option here.

Officials within the Drug Enforcement Administration would say that this name is apt because of the science behind the product. They are technically synthetic cannabinoids, which relates to the original cannabis element used. This then leads to a primary, all-covering name of synthetic marijuana. There is some logic here, but pot users would still argue that this isn’t fair.

Spice Is A Dangerous Drug Causing A Lot Of Damage, Which Further Separates It From Real Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana- Spice

The other reason that cannabis smokers are rightfully annoyed is that this is a dangerous substance with ongoing controls and regulation in federal law. These drugs produced from a synthetic cannabinoid derive from the natural source.

 Some of these chemicals assume to be as most as 100 times as potent as the natural option because of the way they have to develop. Others may only be as much as five times as powerful, although this can still have a damaging effect.

This major difference leads to one of the biggest concerns of all: “synthetic” options are much more dangerous to human health. Marijuana, which has medicinal purposes, is much safer when handled correctly and is legal to consume, possess and grow in some states. Spice and K2 have been known to cause physical illness, psychological symptoms and have even lead to deaths.

Some have even questioned whether or not there is a positive causation between marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado and the rise of these synthetic drugs. Cases across America do not show this.

This is simply an alternative option for those that can get away with it. Furthermore, it should learn that many products import or buy online, rather than made in the US.

Is It Fair To Compare Synthetic Marijuana With The Real Thing?

It is easy to see the DEA’s point on the name of this substance. It is simpler to label products in this growing line under one name. There is that scientific link to cannabinoids.

 However, “synthetic marijuana” is still an oxymoron to many and does little to highlight how different and dangerous these synthetic drugs are.


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