Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic drugs come in many forms and packaging.  The chemical manufacturers are always looking for new ways to create a desirable high for paying customers and circumvent the Federal Law and DEA.

  • Bath salts create an artificial stimulant that can be smoked, injected or “bombed.”
  • N-Bombs are synthetic hallucinogens that mimic LSD at a dangerous level.
  • Synthetic Marijuana – the most common option, better known as Spice or K2.

These products are small packets of plant-based materials that have treated with cannabinoid substances for a more extreme, accessible high. These legal highs are a difficult subject for users, retailers, and drug authorities. Spice only became available in the US in 2008.

But it has caused havoc since then with new chemical versions being created in labs, overdoses occurring, and poor education on the dangers. Synthetic marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs … Read the rest