Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic drugs come in many forms and packaging.  The chemical manufacturers are always looking for new ways to create a desirable high for paying customers and circumvent the Federal Law and DEA.

  • Bath salts create an artificial stimulant that can be smoked, injected or “bombed.”
  • N-Bombs are synthetic hallucinogens that mimic LSD at a dangerous level.
  • Synthetic Marijuana – the most common option, better known as Spice or K2.

These products are small packets of plant-based materials that have treated with cannabinoid substances for a more extreme, accessible high. These legal highs are a difficult subject for users, retailers, and drug authorities. Spice only became available in the US in 2008.

But it has caused havoc since then with new chemical versions being created in labs, overdoses occurring, and poor education on the dangers. Synthetic marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs trends in recent years, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do anything about it.

How Are These Synthetic Drugs Made And Why Are They So Dangerous?

Natural Weed

The issue with these drugs is that they are initially sold as a substitute for natural weed. The reality is that the composition and effect can be quite different and more dangerous. These are human-made chemical compounds or substances built in a lab and on a molecular level very similar to natural weed.  The problem is you have no idea what the latest chemical recipe is that they are using to evade the law. The general public that buys the stuff become the test subjects.

The original cannabinoid substance responsible for the high was taken, manipulated and recreated into a new chemical with a stronger effect. These chemicals are sprayed onto plant material as a means of administration through smoking. The effect has nothing to do with the “weed” holding the chemical.

Should These Drugs Be Called Synthetic Marijuana?

There are some angry over the use of the term “synthetic marijuana”. There is no denying that the term is accurate when looking at the first chemicals and compounds that these drugs originated from. However, the result and the preliminary versions that are being created are nothing like regularly grown natural weed.

Marijuana is safe in comparison and completely natural. This is what makes the drug so appealing to its users, whether medicinal or recreational. Many therefore oppose the concept of these synthetic options.

The best approach when talking about the world of synthetic marijuana is to be considerate with the name you are using. Synthetic marijuana is the common name that has uses by official organizations like the DEA. This has spread into the language of news outlets and more official reports, and it is recognized as being “correct.”

However, you will not see these synthetic cannabinoids labeled this way on the shelves. These drugs have street names such as Black Mamba, Space Diamond, Scooby Snacks, and others that evoke images of a blissful, peaceful high. The most popular names for this type of substance are Spice and K2.

The problem is that there are so many products flooding onto the marketplace that it is almost impossible to keep up. This is perfect for the shopkeepers selling the drugs as they get to fill their display stands with lots of colorful packets and provide an excellent choice. This choice is not so great for the consumer or the legal authorities trying to regain some sense of control.

Why Are Synthetic Drugs Such A Problem For Consumers?


The issue here is all about knowing what you are putting into your body. As with all drugs, some sense of dosage and potency is important. This is incredibly difficult when dealing with these synthetic forms of marijuana.

As mention above, the secret to these drugs is a series of active chemicals. That are sprayed onto the plant material. The amount that is sprayed on the weeds or a plant material is done by a person that can spray more in one section than the other.  When the plant material is packaged there is no way to know if you get the product that was soaked a lot or a little with the chemical spray.  Also, each manufacturer will have an another approach to the chemicals they use. Some will create products five times more potent than natural weed, which is appealing to users.  Cheap high!

Others can go far beyond this to create an incredibly dangerous substance. Picking a packet based on name or design is like playing Russian roulette. You never quite know what is in there.  Another issue is what you buy one month may be totally different the next month, since there is zero regulation or testing of these products.  As the Federal Law and DEA outlaw certain drugs or combinations of drug the foreign chemical manufacturers will cook up a slightly different recipe to be sprayed on weeds.

The most serious issue here is that with synthetic marijuana there is a chance of severe consequences. The energy of these chemicals can lead to serious side effects and people end up in the hospital.  There are psychological issues to deal with, such as fear, anxiety, paranoia. Remember there is not testing prior to selling this substance, if people end up dying, well maybe then the vendors change their formula.  They don’t want to lose customers.

The common symptoms are sweating, high blood pressure, involuntary movements, and vomiting. There are even cases of users going into cardiac arrest, having strokes and eventually dying.

This is not a short-term risk that young users should be gambling on. A bad hit isn’t necessarily going be over the next morning. Some people have struggled with lasting effects for a long time after taking Spice or K2. The anxiety and paranoia don’t always go away, and some have dealt with stammers, memory issues, and even paralysis.

Why Is This Happening If The Substance Is Illegal?

These dangers show why it is so important for legal authorities to ensure that these substances are under control. The problem is that this steady increase in options makes it hard to police. At their core, these synthetic cannabinoids are legal because the chemicals are slightly tweaked to not be on the Federal list of banned substances.  As the list of chemicals names grows at the Federal level, the chemist produces a slightly different version trying to stay ahead of the law.  That is why you never really know what you are buying one batch from another.

Marijuana is a controlled substance. However, the labs slightly change the chemical composition ensuring that makers can bypass these regulations. This is why there is such a broad range of goods and chemicals utilize.

It is much easier to avoid detection this way. Furthermore, the packaging and “purpose” of these drugs also mean that they bypass FDA regulations. Many are sold as herbal incense and potpourri products. That are “not for human consumption.” This puts them straight on the shelves for “legal” sale and into the hands of vulnerable users.

Knowledge Is Power With Spice And K2

There are now hundreds of products in this line being sold at head shops and convenience stores. America is slowly beginning to see the true danger of these synthetic drugs. Now that more medical cases are being reported. The concern is that the issue is out of control due to supply and demand.

The law just isn’t adequate for effective regulation and protect buyers. It will continue to take experimental new options as they try to stay ahead of the law. It is, therefore, vital that drug users know exactly what they are opting for when choosing these drugs over natural weed.

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