Ohio Voters Reject Responsible Ohio’s Approach To Cannabis Legalization

Responsible Ohio Organizations

Refusing The Responsible Ohio’s Approach

The legalization of marijuana in Ohio is a burning issue with many people discussing the best way to bring it into law. Responsible Ohio is one of the organizations with a plan. The problem is that many voters see the negative side of their proposals. There is the sense that Responsible Ohio is hoodwinking people into believing that they are pro-legalization and marijuana use.

The Reality For Many Citizens Is That Their Plans Are Quite Restrictive And Do Not Offer A View On Cannabis As A Fully Legal Drug

Refuse Responsible Ohio


The proposed bill should ensure that Ohio residents have more freedom over their use of pot. That is the main priority for most voters. However, the Responsible Ohio methods would take control away. It would do nothing to provide for those that want to cultivate the plant at home, and it would not bring the same level of financial freedom as has been seen in other states.

Locals want a method that will be fair to everyone – grower, supplier, and consumers. This model focuses too heavily on the supplier, and only in large companies terms. The Responsible Ohio model would cause problems for homegrown weed and distribution among friends, which is the logical idea in legalization for many people.

Some have pointed out that the policy would place such high restrictions on farmer and home-growers that misdemeanor charges could become felonies.

Then There Are The Issues Of Control And Monopolization.

The end game for Responsible Ohio seems to be the monopolization of marijuana with control given to capital providers. The concern for many is that placing cannabis into the hands of big business is the halfway point in regulation rather than legalization.

Accessibility not achieves, and prices would surely rise. There are some that directly accuse the group of wanting too much power over the issue and abusing that in a way that harms the regular voter.

The president of Citizens against Responsible Ohio points out a plan to have the organization’s commission decide who is eligible for medicinal provision. This is the final issue that needs to be discussed here as it is the most emotive.

What Happens To Families In Need Of Affordable, Medical Marijuana Under This Proposal?

Responsible Ohio

Medicinal marijuana helps people across Ohio, and there are concerns that this new agenda will work against that. There are no guarantees for medical funding and caregivers that struggle to obtain the supply needed. They cannot grow their own because of the issues mentioned above.

There are many users of medical marijuana that are concerned that this move toward large companies. The limited supply would lead to a massive price hike. Families are using the drug for medical reasons that simply cannot afford 3 figure sums to provide for their families. There is talk of $300 an ounce which is impossible

In the end, this organization simply seems to be creating a vicious circle of control. And restriction Rather than legalization and freedom. As a result, many Ohio residents simply cannot support the Responsible Ohio proposal.


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