Medicinal Marijuana Users In Limbo In Ohio

Against Responsible Ohio

Against Responsible Ohio

A new law on the use of medicinal marijuana came into effect in Ohio in September this year. Many advocates against Responsible Ohio and users of the therapeutic option should have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Instead, many users and doctors were left confuse about the nature of the bill right up until the last minute. Even Ohio police forces were a little unsure of the law and its regulations.

The problem is simple. The law was fast-track by a Republican-controlled legislature and enacted too quickly. This wasn’t a case of lawmakers rushing it in while the ink was still drying. Many of the rules on the production, prescription, and distribution, are still determine.

They saw the way the tide was turning on medicinal marijuana use and Ohio quickly became the 25th state in the nation to legalize it. Right now, users against Responsible Ohio are in a state of limbo between the old laws and the new ones.

Medicinal marijuana is technically legal, but the legalization program is not expected to be fully operational until September 2018. The Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee is developing to make recommendations.

This Means That There Are A Half A Law And Half A Program. In Many Ways, These Elements Just Do Not Match Up

Against Responsible Ohio

First, there are the users that have been told that they can now use medicinal marijuana legally. These patients are those with particular conditions such as Alzheimer’s, PTSD, cancer and chronic pain. This should be great news for those relying on the drug.

However, there is uncertainty over the source. Dispensaries, growers and other key businesses against Responsible Ohio are unsure on what they can and cannot do. How are these products meant sold and how they are going to manage?

Businesses are unable to get financial help from banks due to inconsistencies between state and federal law. An amendment has proposed to allow lawyers to counsel. Those involve without being seen as breaching their ethics.

This issue is only made worse by the fact that these patients’ doctors are none the wiser on the future regulations. It is legal for patients to receive their drugs, but there is uncertainty on how to prescribe it.

The easy option for doctors is to hold back until the rules are made clearer to avoid malpractice. Elsewhere, workplaces are continuing to abide by old laws on workplace testing. This could be problematic for anyone that tries to take a legal medicinal form and tests positive.

There Is A Bit Of A Paradox At Work Here

On the one hand, patients in need of medicinal marijuana validated and told.They are allowed to help they require. At the same time, everyone else is being told to act as normal until the law is clarified. This all means that Ohio patients can legally take marijuana in regulated forms, but those organized forms cannot determine.

Businesses, doctors, and growers will have to wait another year or so to find out where they stand. Until then, medicinal marijuana users against Responsible Ohio will struggle to see this as a victory.


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