The Great White House Smoke Out For Cannabis Activism

Cannabis Activism - White House

Cannabis Activism

How do you get the attention of the President of the United States of America? Do you write a letter in the hope that it may be passed on to the oval office? Do you try and catch his eye at a public event with a well-placed banner? These options are all helpful and have worked for many causes in the past.

However, the DC Marijuana Justice group for cannabis activism had a different idea. Years of writing letters had gotten them so far. Now it was time to try something massive – both in gesture in physical scale.

They decided to set themselves up on the front lawn of the White House and have a “smoke-out.” If their giant, 51-foot-long inflatable joint wouldn’t catch his eye as it waved by in front of the window, nothing would.

It Is No Surprise That The Ever-Focused DC Marijuana Justice Group Were Leading The Charge Here

Cannabis Activism

The group is not unknown to the people of Washington and the DC area. Their efforts in pushing for cannabis legalization led to the recent marijuana measures on legalized personal possession and non-profit cannabis cultivation.

The group was inspired by a quote from Obama that reads “the value of social movements and activism is to get you to the table, get you in the room, and then to start trying to figure out how is this problem going to be solved.”

Some may read this and argue that the words were taken out of context. DCMJ would counter that the sentiment relates to their cause for cannabis legalization just as much as other social concerns. They worked to get themselves “at the table, align center” and the smoke-out stunt offered them the closest opportunity yet.

It Seems That A Well-Placed Inflatable And Some Perseverance Will Get You Off The Lawn And “In The Room.”

The tactic meant that the team was granted an audience with two low-level staff members from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Critics would say that this small meeting isn’t enough for a group that has spent so much time writing letters.

Surely they deserve a much wider audience. DCMJ would disagree with the former part of that sentiment at least. It was a small, beneficial step forward in on ongoing journey for cannabis legalization, in their eyes at least.

It didn’t matter that they weren’t able to have their questions answered because of the ranking of the staff. The important thing was that these representatives listened to them and took notes. This was far more than a quick meet-and-greet and a good photo-op for the White House.

In a Leafly interview at the time, DCMJ’s leader said the following. “They both displayed thoughtful, since body language during the whole meeting. We got a much of nods, a lot of smiles.”

There was no sense of hostility or negativity, and the group said everything that needed to be said at that point. The organizers of the campaign say that it is all about building momentum for the cause of cannabis activism. As long as the campaign continues to move forwards, no matter how slowly, it is still progressing rather than stagnating.

Where Can Dc Marijuana Justice Go From Their Recent Marijuana Activism Stunt? How Do They Go From “In The Room” To “At The Table”?

The fight is far from, and there is a lot of work to do. The next aim is simple. It even has a hashtag: #WeNeedaHigherLevelMeeting. The hope is to build upon the previous meeting with a scheduled meeting. This means one with more senior officials in attendance and the chance to talk through the issue.

It is also hoped that the President would sit in on the meeting, even if they were only there to listen. The upcoming election means that the issue is on shaky ground. Cannabis activism cannot slow down now.

There is no certainty on which way the issue of cannabis legalization will go with either Clinton or Trump in the White House. Obama let this group onto the lawn, listened to them and helped with recent marijuana state laws.

This could go forward or backward from 2017. Either way, the issue is moving, and DCMJ will continue to steer it in the right direction with campaigning and more letters. Perhaps they will need a bigger inflatable joint in front of President Trump’s window.

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