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Against Responsible Ohio

Against Responsible Ohio

A new law on the use of medicinal marijuana came into effect in Ohio in September this year. Many advocates against Responsible Ohio and users of the therapeutic option should have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Instead, many users and doctors were left confuse about the nature of the bill right up until the last minute. Even Ohio police forces were a little unsure of the law and its regulations.

The problem is simple. The law was fast-track by a Republican-controlled legislature and enacted too quickly. This wasn’t a case of lawmakers rushing it in while the ink was still drying. Many of the rules on the production, prescription, and distribution, are still determine.

They saw the way the tide was turning on medicinal marijuana use and Ohio quickly became the 25th state in the nation to legalize it. Right now, users … Read the rest

Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

On November 3rd, 2015, the Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative was defeated by a vote of 63.65% against to 36.35% in favor. The title of the ballot was the issue for many. It read “grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes.” The word monopoly was the stumbling block for many voters.

These that voted for the Responsible Ohio measure were voting for the legalization of the limited sale of marijuana from 10 licensed facilities. The winning vote saw that the current laws remained unchanged. There were elements to the ballot that pro-legalization supporters approved of.

This includes the promotion of “marijuana-infused products concentrates, sprays, ointments and tinctures by marijuana product manufacturing facilities”. There were also impressive measures about research and development.

This included the proposal to create a marijuana incubator in Cuyahoga Read the rest

Responsible Ohio Organizations

Refusing The Responsible Ohio’s Approach

The legalization of marijuana in Ohio is a burning issue with many people discussing the best way to bring it into law. Responsible Ohio is one of the organizations with a plan. The problem is that many voters see the negative side of their proposals. There is the sense that Responsible Ohio is hoodwinking people into believing that they are pro-legalization and marijuana use.

The Reality For Many Citizens Is That Their Plans Are Quite Restrictive And Do Not Offer A View On Cannabis As A Fully Legal Drug

Refuse Responsible Ohio


The proposed bill should ensure that Ohio residents have more freedom over their use of pot. That is the main priority for most voters. However, the Responsible Ohio methods would take control away. It would do nothing to provide for those that want to cultivate the plant at home, and … Read the rest