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Cannabis Activism

In the recent times, public opinion and attitudes about cannabis have changed dramatically. In 1990 only 16% of American adults supported legalization. Now 16 years later, the number of those in support of legalization has doubled. Due to cannabis activism groups by 2016, more than half of American adults (approximately 57%) were in support of cannabis legalization.

In the most recent 2017 polls, findings suggest that up to 64% of Americans support cannabis legalization. Even more surprisingly, the number of Republicans in support of legalization has increased from 42% to 51%. All this is a clear affirmation that American society is changing its long-held hardline stance against marijuana.

Today, recreational marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., the District of Columbia and seven other states. These include Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, and California. In addition to that, medical marijuana is legal in 29 … Read the rest

Cannabis Activism - White House

Cannabis Activism

How do you get the attention of the President of the United States of America? Do you write a letter in the hope that it may be passed on to the oval office? Do you try and catch his eye at a public event with a well-placed banner? These options are all helpful and have worked for many causes in the past.

However, the DC Marijuana Justice group for cannabis activism had a different idea. Years of writing letters had gotten them so far. Now it was time to try something massive – both in gesture in physical scale.

They decided to set themselves up on the front lawn of the White House and have a “smoke-out.” If their giant, 51-foot-long inflatable joint wouldn’t catch his eye as it waved by in front of the window, nothing would.

It Is No Surprise That

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Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization

Many outsiders would assume that the world of the marijuana users in places like Oregon and Colorado is much simpler now. Users can smoke the drug and possess it in the comfort of their homes. Stores selling the drug are more prevalent and are starting to become a standard sight on the high street.

People can use marijuana vaporizers on the street in much the same way as with tobacco. Marijuana use has only become much more socially acceptable with cannabis legalization. The problem is that there is more to the issue of legal marijuana use than some new state laws.

The Issue Of Legal Marijuana Use And Cannabis Activism Is Still A Tricky One To Negotiate In Many States


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