Cannabis Legalization And The Obstacle Of Federal Law

Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization

Many outsiders would assume that the world of the marijuana users in places like Oregon and Colorado is much simpler now. Users can smoke the drug and possess it in the comfort of their homes. Stores selling the drug are more prevalent and are starting to become a standard sight on the high street.

People can use marijuana vaporizers on the street in much the same way as with tobacco. Marijuana use has only become much more socially acceptable with cannabis legalization. The problem is that there is more to the issue of legal marijuana use than some new state laws.

The Issue Of Legal Marijuana Use And Cannabis Activism Is Still A Tricky One To Negotiate In Many States


Many users and businesses are finding themselves up against federal issues and other legal implications. Until federal law changes, Colorado and Oregon cannabis supporters cannot rest. The US Controlled Substances Act states that marijuana is completely illegal under the federal legislation.

This is the loophole that means that users and businesses can still demonize and sued, despite local laws allowing possession and sale.

There are two important cases from Oregon and Colorado that highlight this problem. In Oregon, the US Postal Service declared that all materials with advertisements for marijuana were nonmailable due to federal law. This was a potential blow to any business looking to deal with customers and business partners through the mail.

However, the USPS have no authority to stop people from doing so. It is a gray area between illegal and permissible activity that shows the inconsistencies faced by cannabis sellers and users.

In Colorado, a hotel owner in the town of Frisco filed a lawsuit against Medical Marijuana of the Rockies. It occurs simply because they had planned to move into a building nearby. The hotel also sued the bank and accounting company working with the store under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The case was eventually quit as the legal action alone did its damage. The secondary organizations severed their ties to the store, destroying the stores’ chances. The hotel damaged the reputation of the warehouse even though it was a legal operation. The lawsuit also sets a precedent for others and could ensure that other banks and accountants are wary about signing up with this industry.

What Is The Solution For Cannabis Activism Supporters That Are Struggling With This Issue?

These problems and this seemingly immovable obstacle of federal law mean that Oregon and Colorado users don’t quite know where they stand. What could be held against them in day-to-day life because they are pot smokers? The same applies to businesses. They are both legally permitted to set up where they chose but attacked for doing so.

The simple solution for most users in these states is to push for complete decriminalization. This means removing cannabis from that list of controlled substances. The problem is that full cannabis legalization is a long way from reality, especially in an election year. It is not clear what the future holds for marijuana use in these states from 2017.

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