How To Bring The Best Workplace Drug Testing Methods To Your Company

Drug Testing Methods

Drug Testing Methods

According to, even the most accurate type of drug testing, the hair test, is not infallible and can be cheated. So what’s an employer to do?

Substance abuse in the workplace is a problem that many American businesses struggle with. After all, more than 75% of substance abusers are employed, right now.

But how many people within a company’s workforce are abusing drugs? Is that drug use having an impact on the enterprise? Are hair drug tests warranted?

Drug testing within the workplace can help uncover the scale of the problem and deter workers.

The more professional the testing procedures, the better the outcome. It is important that all companies follow the very best methods and guidelines when using employment drug screening.

The following factors can help companies improve their strategy and see better results.

Companies Should Not Focus On New Candidates


Many companies could improve their drug testing methods by simply increasing their range and the frequency of tests. It is a simple trend for companies to test candidates before having them start with the company.

However, there are far fewer drug tests carry out on people that currently work within the organization. In 2012  was determined that only 59% of employers conducted random drug testing on employees based on suspicious behavior.

There was also tiny testing of anyone working in an unpaid or volunteer capacity. These employees are still an important part of the workforce and can still have an impact on the success of the company.

Companies Should Not Focus On Using Urine Samples

After these tests have increased, both in range and frequency, it is important to evaluate their effectiveness. There is no point ensuring that a significant portion of the workforce tested if the drug testing methods are ineffective or inaccurate.

There are three key methods of workplace drug testing in the US: urine, saliva, and hair. Saliva tests are an appealing option because of the 24-hour detection window and the simplicity of the procedure. They can also carry out with ease on site and are difficult to tamper with.

The equal can said for hair samples. The added benefit here is that these samples can detect substances up to three months. This is ideal for determining chronic use.

The issue here is that neither of these methods uses. The vast majority of workplace still use the old-fashioned urine sample as a means of testing for drug use. These samples are time-consuming and costly, as they cannot be done on-site. There is also a much higher chance of workers tampering with the specimens.

Companies Should Not Underestimate The Value Of A Professional Company

Finally, it is important for all workplaces to join forces with a drug testing provider that has the expertise and experience to implement these test effectively. The right program with the right tester will provide the best solutions when companies need them the most.

This professional relationship also means that companies can ensure that they are working within all the right laws and guidelines for the best experience. This is crucial when dealing with random drug testing on suspicious employees. It is a difficult process, and all businesses need to ensure they are protected.

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