Against RO provides the information about recent marijuana/cannabis legalization efforts in the 50 US states.We have discussed four categories in our blogging websites such as Cannabis Activism, Synthetic Drugs, Drug Testing, and Citizens Against Responsible Ohio. These are the human-made substances that are build in the lab.

Synthetic drugs come in many forms in synthetic marijuana, and it is better known as spice or K2. These are the small packets of plant-based materials that have treated with cannabinoid substances for a more extreme, accessible high. These are the human-made materials that are build in the lab. The producers are always looking for a different idea to create a  desirable high for paying customers.

In America, drug testing in Workplace is an issue that companies cannot take lightly. It is important that all the companies follow the best methods and guidelines when applying these tests. There is some debate with drug tests at work over the correct methods to use. Urine, hair, and saliva samples are all available. Some prefer to focus on urine drug testing while others believe that hair drug testing is the best way forward.

The president of Citizens against Responsible Ohio points out a plan to have the organization’s commission decide who is eligible for medicinal provision. That is the final issue that needs to be discussed here.

Medicinal marijuana helps people across Ohio, and there are concerns that this new agenda will work on this subject. There are many users of medical marijuana that are concerned about this move toward large companies.As a result, many Ohio residents simply cannot support the Responsible Ohio proposal.


Citizens For Change

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