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Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

On November 3rd, 2015, the Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative was defeated by a vote of 63.65% against to 36.35% in favor. The title of the ballot was the issue for many. It read “grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes.” The word monopoly was the stumbling block for many voters.

These that voted for the Responsible Ohio measure were voting for the legalization of the limited sale of marijuana from 10 licensed facilities. The winning vote saw that the current laws remained unchanged. There were elements to the ballot that pro-legalization supporters approved of.

This includes the promotion of “marijuana-infused products concentrates, sprays, ointments and tinctures by marijuana product manufacturing facilities”. There were also impressive measures about research and development.

This included the proposal to create a marijuana incubator in Cuyahoga Read the rest