Yearly Archives: 2017

Saliva Drug Test
Saliva Drug Test Workplace testing for drug use comes in many different forms. Most companies will rely on urine testing as a means of catching out
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Synthetic Marijuana
Synthetic Marijuana Synthetic drugs come in many forms and packaging.  The chemical manufacturers are always looking for new ways to create a
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Against Responsible Ohio
Against Responsible Ohio A new law on the use of medicinal marijuana came into effect in Ohio in September this year. Many advocates against
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Hair Drug Testing
 Drug Testing Methods Workplace drug testing is an issue that companies cannot take lightly. Many US states give big businesses the chance to
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Synthetic Drug
Synthetic Marijuana Hits Brooklyn In July 2016, more than thirty people were taken to hospital in Brooklyn after suspected drug overdoses. The drugs
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Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization
Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization On November 3rd, 2015, the Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative was defeated by a vote of
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