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For many people, finding a job in an industry that is just emerging is an exciting venture. However, the uncertainties and unknowns of the new industry often make resume writing more challenging. In truth, resume writing is a challenge for most, regardless of the industry.
Writing a resume on your own is always the best solution – check out GooodJob’s excellent Resume Writing Guide for tips on how to do this right.
If you are uncomfortable writing a resume yourself, however,  it is a good idea to use a professional resume writing service.  Resume writing services are ideal for job seekers with busy schedules as well as job seekers with limited writing skills. Professional resume writing services are also well familiar with current and emerging trends. This results in a modern and updated resume.
Most importantly, professional resume writers know which information to highlight. This
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Cannabis Activism

In the recent times, public opinion and attitudes about cannabis have changed dramatically. In 1990 only 16% of American adults supported legalization. Now 16 years later, the number of those in support of legalization has doubled. Due to cannabis activism groups by 2016, more than half of American adults (approximately 57%) were in support of cannabis legalization.

In the most recent 2017 polls, findings suggest that up to 64% of Americans support cannabis legalization. Even more surprisingly, the number of Republicans in support of legalization has increased from 42% to 51%. All this is a clear affirmation that American society is changing its long-held hardline stance against marijuana.

Today, recreational marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., the District of Columbia and seven other states. These include Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, and California. In addition to that, medical marijuana is legal in 29 … Read the rest

Saliva Drug Test

Saliva Drug Test

Workplace testing for drug use comes in many different forms.

Most companies will rely on urine testing as a means of catching out drug use over the previous 72 hour period. This option has its pros and cons and is not the only method available to companies.

Saliva testing methods are improving and are increasingly seen as one of the best ways to determine recent drug use.

This is particularly the case when combating the use of marijuana.

What Is The Saliva Test And What Types Of Drugs Can Companies Test For?

Saliva Test

The saliva test is a simple swab to collect oral fluid and test that saliva for traces of drug abuse. There are currently five drug types that testers can screen for with this method. They are cannabis (THC), cocaine and crack (COC), Opiates (OPI), amphetamines (AMP) and Methamphetamine (MET/MDMA).

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Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic drugs come in many forms and packaging.  The chemical manufacturers are always looking for new ways to create a desirable high for paying customers and circumvent the Federal Law and DEA.

  • Bath salts create an artificial stimulant that can be smoked, injected or “bombed.”
  • N-Bombs are synthetic hallucinogens that mimic LSD at a dangerous level.
  • Synthetic Marijuana – the most common option, better known as Spice or K2.

These products are small packets of plant-based materials that have treated with cannabinoid substances for a more extreme, accessible high. These legal highs are a difficult subject for users, retailers, and drug authorities. Spice only became available in the US in 2008.

But it has caused havoc since then with new chemical versions being created in labs, overdoses occurring, and poor education on the dangers. Synthetic marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs … Read the rest

Against Responsible Ohio

Against Responsible Ohio

A new law on the use of medicinal marijuana came into effect in Ohio in September this year. Many advocates against Responsible Ohio and users of the therapeutic option should have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Instead, many users and doctors were left confuse about the nature of the bill right up until the last minute. Even Ohio police forces were a little unsure of the law and its regulations.

The problem is simple. The law was fast-track by a Republican-controlled legislature and enacted too quickly. This wasn’t a case of lawmakers rushing it in while the ink was still drying. Many of the rules on the production, prescription, and distribution, are still determine.

They saw the way the tide was turning on medicinal marijuana use and Ohio quickly became the 25th state in the nation to legalize it. Right now, users … Read the rest

Hair Drug Testing

 Drug Testing Methods

Workplace drug testing is an issue that companies cannot take lightly.

Many US states give big businesses the chance to ensure that they have a professional, drug-free environment.

To protect employees from unfair false positives and to protect companies from people who know how to cheat drug tests, it is important that companies use only the best drug testing methods and the most professional test labs.

There is some debate with drug tests over the correct methods to use. Urine, hair, and saliva drug screens are all available.

Some prefer to focus on urine drug testing because it can detect very recent drug use, while others believe that hair drug testing is the best way forward, as it can detect a longer history of drug use back 90 days or so.… Read the rest

Synthetic Drug

Synthetic Marijuana Hits Brooklyn

In July 2016, more than thirty people were taken to hospital in Brooklyn after suspected drug overdoses. The drugs in question were not high level controlled substances like amphetamines or barbiturates, but a synthetic form of the drug.

They were suspected to have overdosed on a product called Spice.

Spice, otherwise known as a synthetic cannabis, is a big problem in the drug culture, especially in the youth market.

What Are These Synthetic Drugs Made From?

As the name suggests, these drugs are human-made substances with synthetic chemicals. These products are derived from marijuana but have been altered and experimented with to make chemical substances. Most include some concoction of methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and methylone.

These chemicals are often sprayed onto the plant-based material to provide a quick, concentrated substance. The drugs are usually then smoked.

These Products Are Available

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Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization

On November 3rd, 2015, the Responsible Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative was defeated by a vote of 63.65% against to 36.35% in favor. The title of the ballot was the issue for many. It read “grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes.” The word monopoly was the stumbling block for many voters.

These that voted for the Responsible Ohio measure were voting for the legalization of the limited sale of marijuana from 10 licensed facilities. The winning vote saw that the current laws remained unchanged. There were elements to the ballot that pro-legalization supporters approved of.

This includes the promotion of “marijuana-infused products concentrates, sprays, ointments and tinctures by marijuana product manufacturing facilities”. There were also impressive measures about research and development.

This included the proposal to create a marijuana incubator in Cuyahoga Read the rest

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana

There is some understandable anger amongst the marijuana-using community about the term “synthetic marijuana.” It is true that the original components producing the high of these illegal substances were sourced from marijuana.

 However, the result and the many brands that have form since having little relation to the real thing. It is possible to smoke those synthetic forms like you would be joint. It is also true that they do come in plant-based materials. For many cannabis supporters, this is where the similarities end.

The Most Important Issue Here Is The Use That Word Synthetic. People Only Hate The Name.

Marijuana is natural, cultured and used as it was intended. There is a reason why some refer to it like the weed. These synthetic drugs are human-made substances where chemical components are combined to the mixture.

 Many would argue much better … Read the rest

Cannabis Activism - White House

Cannabis Activism

How do you get the attention of the President of the United States of America? Do you write a letter in the hope that it may be passed on to the oval office? Do you try and catch his eye at a public event with a well-placed banner? These options are all helpful and have worked for many causes in the past.

However, the DC Marijuana Justice group for cannabis activism had a different idea. Years of writing letters had gotten them so far. Now it was time to try something massive – both in gesture in physical scale.

They decided to set themselves up on the front lawn of the White House and have a “smoke-out.” If their giant, 51-foot-long inflatable joint wouldn’t catch his eye as it waved by in front of the window, nothing would.

It Is No Surprise That

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Drug Testing Methods

Drug Testing Methods

According to, even the most accurate type of drug testing, the hair test, is not infallible and can be cheated. So what’s an employer to do?

Substance abuse in the workplace is a problem that many American businesses struggle with. After all, more than 75% of substance abusers are employed, right now.

But how many people within a company’s workforce are abusing drugs? Is that drug use having an impact on the enterprise? Are hair drug tests warranted?

Drug testing within the workplace can help uncover the scale of the problem and deter workers.

The more professional the testing procedures, the better the outcome. It is important that all companies follow the very best methods and guidelines when using employment drug screening.

The following factors can help companies improve their strategy and see better results.

Companies Should Not Focus On

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Responsible Ohio Organizations

Refusing The Responsible Ohio’s Approach

The legalization of marijuana in Ohio is a burning issue with many people discussing the best way to bring it into law. Responsible Ohio is one of the organizations with a plan. The problem is that many voters see the negative side of their proposals. There is the sense that Responsible Ohio is hoodwinking people into believing that they are pro-legalization and marijuana use.

The Reality For Many Citizens Is That Their Plans Are Quite Restrictive And Do Not Offer A View On Cannabis As A Fully Legal Drug

Refuse Responsible Ohio


The proposed bill should ensure that Ohio residents have more freedom over their use of pot. That is the main priority for most voters. However, the Responsible Ohio methods would take control away. It would do nothing to provide for those that want to cultivate the plant at home, and … Read the rest

Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization

Many outsiders would assume that the world of the marijuana users in places like Oregon and Colorado is much simpler now. Users can smoke the drug and possess it in the comfort of their homes. Stores selling the drug are more prevalent and are starting to become a standard sight on the high street.

People can use marijuana vaporizers on the street in much the same way as with tobacco. Marijuana use has only become much more socially acceptable with cannabis legalization. The problem is that there is more to the issue of legal marijuana use than some new state laws.

The Issue Of Legal Marijuana Use And Cannabis Activism Is Still A Tricky One To Negotiate In Many States


Many users and businesses are finding themselves up against federal issues and other legal implications. Until federal law changes, Colorado and Oregon cannabis … Read the rest